Brick Tinting

We do our very best to replace damaged bricks with the best brick match possible. Sometimes, though, bricks get discontinued, and no similar brick is available. When you want an exact brick match, but the bricks just aren’t available, we can tint bricks of a different colour, but same texture to match your existing brickwork.

Tinting is not the same as painting!

We always advise people to never paint their masonry. Water will inevitably find it’s way into your masonry, but with a painted surface on the outside, that water has no easy way of leaving. Our brick tinting soaks into the masonry along with pure, distilled water, and nothing else. The water is able to pull the colour into the brick, but since the surface does not get sealed, as with paint, the water is able to evaporate, leaving the pigment behind.

We are also available to tint existing bricks in your home that were perhaps the result of a previous replacement, or a sloppy repointing job.