Firewood Delivery Service

firewoodThe wood burning fireplace is a traditional focal point in many Canadian living rooms. Maintaining and using the fireplace adds a rustic coziness that is rarely achieved in the urban home. A crackling fire can be one of the most comfortable settings whether entertaining guests, lazing about with the family, or spending time with your significant other. There is nothing like it on a chilly Ottawa night.

Cornerstone knows that a regular fire is a luxury that most Ottawa natives would love to experience, but are hindered by the inconveniences associated with acquiring firewood at local grocery or hardware stores, lack of space to store a sufficient amount of firewood, or simply not wanting an eyesore pile of wood on their property.

We would like to offer a solution to those who would like to enjoy this luxury without the headache associated with picking up bulky bags and paying high prices for wood.

Cornerstone would like you to take advantage of our firewood delivery service. For a minimal price our team will drop off and pile quantities of seasoned hardwood and kindling at a convenient location on your property on a bi-monthly or monthly basis depending on your preference and use.

Pricing and Drop-Off:

Bi-monthly drop-offs include approximately ¼ face cord (~8 sq feet) of dried seasoned hardwood as well as 2 bushels-worth of kindling. Drop-offs begin in the second week of September and end the second week in March.

$389 for 12 bi-monthly drop-offs
$299 for 7 monthly drop-offs
$30 top up charge (if you’ve run out and would like a top up before next delivery date)
$150 for a face cord dropped off and stacked!