Fixed-Price Guarantee

Unfortunately, not all contractors are up front about the actual cost to complete a job. A low price is given at the time of estimate, only to add additional costs at the time of invoicing. This method of under-cutting, and over-charging is extremely dishonest, and it gives contractors of all trades a bad name.

In an effort to bring integrity back into the residential construction market, we offer our Fixed-Price Guarantee. Since it’s creation Cornerstone Brickworks has rarely had to increase the cost of the initial estimate. The reason for a change is most often due to unforeseen circumstances that could not be realized until after some form of deconstruction had begun. Since this change in cost happens so rarely, we have decided to offer an optional fixed-price guarantee so that you know exactly what you are going to pay once the job is done.

If you are concerned about sticking to a set budget , ask us if your job is eligible for our fixed-price guarantee. This way, when you hire Cornerstone Brickworks, you can rest assured knowing that the job is going to be done right, and on budget.