Job Related Questions

Do you require a deposit for work to commence?
-Yes, a $200.00 deposit is required upon acceptance of an estimate on all jobs.

What will you do to keep my property clean?
-We use tarps and plywood to always protect roofs, gardens, windows, decks, and driveways. While masonry repairs can be messy business, we try to keep things as neat as possible during our work, and always perform a thorough cleanup when finished.

How do you insure safety on the job site?
-All of our employees are required to complete WHMIS and fall protection safety training courses. We exceed the provincial guidelines for scaffold set ups, and we always take the appropriate precautions while working.

What if there is an accident on the job site?
-We are proud to say that we have never had an onsite injury, but in case there ever is one, we do have a safety protocol in place to deal with the situation. In the worst case scenario our workers are covered by WSIB insurance. We also have third party liability insurance to protect any other persons and property involved.

Do I need to provide anything for you?
-We require electricity and water in order to do our work. Please let us know ahead of time if these things will not be available.

Do I need to be home while you work?
-We do prefer to go over the work with our clients before we get started and just prior to completion to ensure customer satisfaction, however you are not required to be present while we are working on your home.

I have heard of masons starting jobs and then leaving them for days on end, is this common practice?
-It shouldn't be, and here at Cornerstone Brickworks it isn't. Once we have started a job we apply our full attention until it’s complete.