Terms of Service

1. Please insure workers are provided with access to power and water.

2. Please insure that there is nothing impeding the work area that was not present at the time of estimate.

3. Price on estimate applies only to the work described, additional services my be requested and quoted for on site.

4. Unforeseen circumstances may require the workers on site to take appropriate action.

5. Please provide payment upon completion unless other arrangements have been made. Please be advised that a late payment charge of 2% compounded monthly (Effective Annual Rate: 26.82%) calculated from the statement date will be applied to overdue accounts.

6. Please inform us with proper notice as to any form of changes or cancellations regarding our services.

7. Estimates are only valid for 21 days from posted date. Even after 21 days, the price may still be agreeable, but we will need to re-assess the price and the scope of the work before moving forward with the job.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to call us. 613-882-8856