Repointing & Mortar Matching

Mortar match repointingMortar has been used in construction for thousands of years from its infancy with a mud or clay base to the addition of lime and Portland-based mortars. It is an amazing product with innumerable applications in the world of masonry. Since mortar is so widely used in masonry construction, much has been done to take it from a simple binding agent to having a life of its own through an assortment of aesthetic applications. From a wide array of colours, to varying joint sizes, to an assortment mortar joint finishes, mortar lends a big hand in giving veneers a unique appeal.

Mortar is a workable paste made of Portland cement, lime, and sand that is the key leveling and bonding agent holding brick, block, and stone together. Depending on the mortar’s application, ratios of lime to Portland, and refinements of sand used, can vary greatly. Using the wrong type of mortar can be detrimental to the masonry units and to your home in general. People often take the stance that stronger is better, but when it comes to mortar the exact opposite is true. If you put in a mortar that’s PSI strength is greater than that of the surrounding masonry, it will put undue strain on the masonry surrounding it, and as the mortar expands and contracts it will actually damage the masonry units. It is always easier to replace the mortar than it is to replace the unit so careful attention to the installation of the mortar and its properties must be considered.

Repointing is the term used when replacing old damaged mortar with new mortar. Over time weathering and deterioration causes voids and cracks to appear within the mortar joints, allowing the unwanted infiltration of water. Mortar joints are the most accessible place for water to find its way in and if the bond is broken or eroded, those joints will become a primary source for water to work its way into your masonry. If these voids or cracks are not repaired, the surrounding mortar will crack and deteriorate at a much quicker pace, eventually leading to the damage of your masonry units.

Repointing and Mortar services offered through Cornerstone Brickworks:

– Repointing of all different masonry units: brick, block, or stone
– Repointing staircase cracks
– Repointing eroded mortar joints
– Mortar colour matching