Thin Stone Veneers

Thin stone veneers are an excellent way to upgrade your home - both indoors and out.

Thin stone can be used indoors where no previous masonry had been installed. This makes it an excellent choice for updating fireplaces, and creating accent walls. Installing thin stone in your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to revitalize your living space.

Thin stone can also be used to enhance the exterior of the home, replacing vinyl siding, or stucco, without the need of a brick ledge to support it. This allows us to install brick or stone above openings, or on upper storey walls, as well.

Without the need for additional support, thin stone or brick veneers are a great way to give wood-framed chimneys an authentic masonry appearance.

A nice masonry finish on the exterior of the home looks great, adding curb-appeal and value to the home.

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