Concrete blockConcrete block is a common material when it comes to older home construction. It is a surprisingly versatile material, and can be found throughout the typical residential property. Most commonly, concrete block is used as a structural element, being combined with rebar to create foundation and garage walls. Concrete block is also useful in blocking up old window openings in foundation walls, as well as creating retaining walls for garden and landscape purposes. The exterior walls of some older homes were built out of concrete block as well, with an exterior layer of brick, stucco, or vinyl siding.

Concrete block comes in a number of dimensions, as well as unique blocks intended for specific purposes. There are specific blocks used for corners, t-intersections, window and door edges, as well as lintel blocks, to name a few.

Coloured and textured blocks are also available, as well as screen blocks. Screen blocks come in a variety of different patterns, and can add a clean and attractive detail to patio railings, as well as allow light to come through an otherwise solid outdoor wall.

Whatever purpose concrete block is used for on your property, Cornerstone Brickworks will fulfil your installation or repair needs.

Some examples of concrete block services we offer:

- Block repointing
- Block replacement
- Filling in old window spaces
- Garden box construction
- Structural wall construction