Whether your looking for laying, re-laying, restoration or replacement, if it's brick then we can help. Chimneys, walls, arches, and columns are typically made of brick and they can all be repaired, restored or rebuilt.We do virtually anything with brick from single brick replacement to new construction.

Concrete block walls are one of the best options available, providing strength and longevity for decades to come. Exposed block foundations should always be kept parged to protect them from the elements.

Natural, solid, and stunning. Stone will last the test of time. Natural stone can be implemented into almost any project to add strength and style. Artificial stone is also available, it provides a similar look to natural stone and is very cost-effective.

Thin stone veneers are an excellent way to upgrade your home - both indoors and out.

Thin stone can be used indoors where no previous masonry had been installed. This makes it an excellent choice for updating fireplaces and creating accent walls.

Chimneys are the most common form of masonry that needs to be repaired on homes. Chimney repair or rebuilding is often necessary since chimneys get the brunt of the elements, and they have hot humid exhausts flowing through their core.

At Cornerstone Brickworks we offer our clients many forms of masonry or metal chimney caps; each cap provides similar functionality with varying degrees of aesthetic appeal. Chimneys can be works of art when done right adding considerable value and curb appeal to your home.

Parging and repointing are our primary focuses when it comes to foundation work.  Whether it’s interior or exterior your stone foundations mortar joints should always be maintained.  When dealing with a poured concrete or block foundation any exterior walls should always remain parged to provide protection.

Over time mortar colour in a wall will change so there is no recipe book to consult, each building will have its own unique mortar colour as the mortar joints react to the elements over the years. Mortar matching is a crucial step to providing a quality product. We take the time to produce multiple batches of coloured mortar until we get the one that's just right.

Over the span of many decades different styles of masonry units have been produced and discontinued.  This may make it difficult when replacing a cracked or deteriorated window sill, coping stone, or masonry lintel.  Over the years we have performed many custom unit reproductions for our clients with fantastic aesthetic results.