Brick repair and brick work are second nature to us at Cornerstone Brickworks. Bricks have been successfully used in buildings construction for over 2,500 years and will continue to be used for some time to come. From roman archways of the past to brick BBQs of today, bricks have been a staple of the construction industry when creating long lasting structures.

The most common problem when it comes to the damage of bricks is some form of water penetration. Whether that be stemming from damage to the brick work or damage to some other construction material abutting the bricks, water is the source of most brick problems.

At Cornerstone we don’t just repair the brick work; we evaluate the source of the damage and surmise a solution to prevent any chances of re-occurrence. This may require other forms of repair to the surrounding area, but you will be surprised at how the simplest oversight in the construction process of your home can be a big headache and a costly headache at that. Sometimes it’s as simple as new caulking to a nearby area or extension to your flashing that will ensure this damage never happens again.

Brick repair services offered through Cornerstone Brickworks:

- Individual Brick Replacement
- Brick Relaying
- New construction with brick
- Chimney repair and rebuilding
- Columns
- Walls
- Arches
- Pretty much anything involving bricks…