Natural stoneNatural stone can be implemented into almost any project to add strength and style. Stone has been the most common construction material since prehistory, being used in some of the most monumental structures of our past and outlasting the civilizations that built them. Stone is a very attractive, durable, and versatile product being used in almost all masonry applications from veneers and foundations to patios and retaining walls offering a gorgeous and unique look. It is such a sought after look that many manufacturers produce huge lines of man-made stone products replicating the real thing, but costing a fraction of the price.

You do need to be cautious of certain stone applications, as stone can offer a huge range of density and strength. If used in the wrong application stones will deteriorate and shale, leading to costly repairs and unsightly damage. Mortar mixes can be a big factor in the deterioration of stones; too strong a mortar can have the same effect as it does with brick, damaging the masonry as it goes through freeze/thaw cycles. There are a variety of factors to take in when determining stones durability, and subsequently its application. When these factors are considered, the proper stone will outlast any masonry structure out there.